Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spaghetti Bolognaise


We had spaghetti bolognaise/bolognese while I was in JB last weekend. The recipe seems simple enough but it was delicious. Tambah 3 kali wooo.

In the picture below are some of the ingredients used. Owh, I also made salad to go with the spaghetti bolognaise/Bolognese.

Basic Ingredients:-

1. Spaghetti..duhhh
2. Traffic Light colored Capsicums (diced)
3. Mushrooms (diced)
4. Onion (diced)
5. Garlic (diced)
6. Tomatoes (diced)
7. Minced Meat (bought Ramly’s in a long tube)
8. Kimball bolognaise sauce
9. Rempah bolognaise
10. Paprika or chilli powder
11. Sugar

1st the diced onions, garlics, capsicum are to be deep fried for about 30 seconds. The diced mushrooms needs to be deep fried for about 60 seconds.

In a separate wok, the minced meat is to be fried until all the meat is cooked.

Add in the fried vegetables and fry a bit more, then add in the bolognaise sauce together with tomatoes (diced). Add in bolognese spices, sugar and paprika secukup rasa. Voila, the sauce is done once everything comes together. Adding some cheese just before eating the spaghetti bolognaise makes a bit more delisch!

Salad ingredients;-

1. Salad

2. Shallots

3. Capsicum (grilled)

4. lemon

5. salt

6. pepper

7. melted butter

The Shallots are to be sliced up, the salad cut up in big chunks.

The capsicum is to be grilled until the outer skin is all charred, then place in a plastic bag and tie it up. Let it sit for awhile then the charred skin will easily come off when u rub it against the plastic bag. The capsicum is then to be sliced up.

For the salad dressing, I usually swing the lemon against the wall a few times, helps release the juices inside so that I don’t have to strain myself when squeezing the lemon.

The lemon juice is to be added to melted butter or olive oil, then add pepper and salt.

The salad dressing is to be poured over the salad and tossed together.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beef Pie Recipe

I saw J.oliver make the pie and I tried making it myself. I love his cooking show!
Aja has asked for the recipe, so I post here the recipe as per my attempt at it. If anyone has any suggestion how to spruce up the recipe, feel free to leave comments :)

The filling:- Butter, mushrooms, diced meat, coca cola (to replace beer[haram beb]), cheese (cheddar/mozzarella), grounded black pepper, onions, garlic, black pepper sauce and salt.

How I cooked the filling:-
1. the diced onions and garlic - sautee;
2. add in grounded black pepper;
3. then add in sliced mushrooms;
4. brown the meat together with sauteed onions and garlic;
5. poor in a bottle of coca cola (small);
6. then leave it simmer and reduce..the coke helps soften the meat; and
7. add in salt to balance the taste i.e. secukup rasa.

I added here black pepper sauce as part of ingredients despite not using it in the recipe at the time. I just found out how the Life - black pepper sauce is really delicious and think it'd be a nice addition here.

For the pie crust:- Iused butter and ready made puff pastry which I bought at Giant.

1. Roll out the puff pastry using a rolling pin, I put pieces of butter in between the puff pastry layers prior to rolling them out...watched anime -Yakitate Japan and thot of this addition. Puff pastry used for making butter croissant... so i added butter in between layers;

2. I used butter to grease the baking dish then preferably bake the bottom layer for a few mins till crispy. I didnt do this the last time i baked the pie, thus it took longer to cook the lower crust; and

3. For the top crust, same thing...roll out the puff pastry (add butter in between the puff pastry layers). Once rolled out, score the pastry with a knife making a basket weave design, brush some egg wash on the pastry;To assemble:- Pour in the filling into the baked pastry in the baking dish, then pour in the shredded cheese over the filling, I also mix the cheese with the filling so that every bite u also get some cheese. Last but not least, carefully place the pastry over banking dish and tuck in the sides...bake until the top crust becomes golden...voila. Beef Pie!

Aja, u try it and tell me the outcome ok?

Donuts and Mahbub

Lunch today - I managed to convert Lil's into a fan of Nasi Beriyani Mahbub. The one I had here is the Beriyani Ayam Madu. Habis nasi dulu daripada ayam... sodap sungguh! Kitorang redah hujan nak pergi makan Mahbub, Bangsar.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Buka Puasa (Home-JB) 7.9.09

This was our first ramadhan as a married couple and boy did we have a FEAST for our buka puasa... We cooked everything at home and everyone helped out for the cooking work... the pictures here are of my family slaving over in the kitchen to create a magnificent FEAST
To start off we had this:

A beef pie inspired by jamie oliver... its actually really simple..quite surprising... this attempt was a much better one as compared to my first attempt which my colleague, lils and ecah laughed at... now u see this one..baru tau..i got skills :p

This is another view of the beef pie... was fun making and very proud of the checkered crust :)

The crunching sound as I cut into the pie...fuhhhh

See how deep the dish is..the pie's filling is meaty, dark and unfortunately sweet..sib baik daging lembut...

The chef..baju ada tak kena dgn chef?

the wife wants a piece of the action...see how big the pie should be, we had at least 10 ppl to feed dat nite.

We now move on to the second dish i.e. Prawn Bisque with Garlic Bread

These were the garlic breads all prep for the oven

This was a labour of love, had to go through a painstaking process of boiling the prawn skins over and over... saw this on AFC "how to cook like a chef" and chose to try out the recipe... I dunno if it actually worked as i dont have any other prawn bisque to compare with... I liked it.

Owh there was also a whole lamb leg marinated in masala spices and baked in the oven...nyummy

We also had desert in the form of:- Voila!!! A Chocolate Cake!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

My attempt at Black Pepper Steak

This was the beef steak that I made last sunday at me foodie enthusiast's house..her names ana..cooked for her and her husband..took about 30mins to cook and serve the food...

Carved the steak to allow easy distribution, at this moment was already wondering whether there would be enough to go around.

My wife plated this for wan (ana's hubby) who was my sous chef dat nite :) he finished his plate...licin before I could get around to the next piece of steak to carve... he sure was quiet at the time :p