Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spaghetti Bolognaise


We had spaghetti bolognaise/bolognese while I was in JB last weekend. The recipe seems simple enough but it was delicious. Tambah 3 kali wooo.

In the picture below are some of the ingredients used. Owh, I also made salad to go with the spaghetti bolognaise/Bolognese.

Basic Ingredients:-

1. Spaghetti..duhhh
2. Traffic Light colored Capsicums (diced)
3. Mushrooms (diced)
4. Onion (diced)
5. Garlic (diced)
6. Tomatoes (diced)
7. Minced Meat (bought Ramly’s in a long tube)
8. Kimball bolognaise sauce
9. Rempah bolognaise
10. Paprika or chilli powder
11. Sugar

1st the diced onions, garlics, capsicum are to be deep fried for about 30 seconds. The diced mushrooms needs to be deep fried for about 60 seconds.

In a separate wok, the minced meat is to be fried until all the meat is cooked.

Add in the fried vegetables and fry a bit more, then add in the bolognaise sauce together with tomatoes (diced). Add in bolognese spices, sugar and paprika secukup rasa. Voila, the sauce is done once everything comes together. Adding some cheese just before eating the spaghetti bolognaise makes a bit more delisch!

Salad ingredients;-

1. Salad

2. Shallots

3. Capsicum (grilled)

4. lemon

5. salt

6. pepper

7. melted butter

The Shallots are to be sliced up, the salad cut up in big chunks.

The capsicum is to be grilled until the outer skin is all charred, then place in a plastic bag and tie it up. Let it sit for awhile then the charred skin will easily come off when u rub it against the plastic bag. The capsicum is then to be sliced up.

For the salad dressing, I usually swing the lemon against the wall a few times, helps release the juices inside so that I don’t have to strain myself when squeezing the lemon.

The lemon juice is to be added to melted butter or olive oil, then add pepper and salt.

The salad dressing is to be poured over the salad and tossed together.

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